Voting in Texas 2022

Our Vote Texas has published a report examining public voter education in Texas emphasizing the need to support measures to better prepare Texas Voters to make their voices heard on Election Day. To view the entire report visit Another important tool for Texas Voters is the option to #VoteEarly! Each voter ensures to have […]

Get Involved

Your support and involvement in our local governments in Texas is critical to the grassroots work happening across the state. Donating to GIVERS Vote Texas is easy. Go to and help the grassroots organizers in Galveston continue the #GoodTrouble necessary to protect, preserve and expand Voting Rights.

Let’s Collaborate

Grassroots work in Texas is a statewide effort. Partnerships with groups like Our Vote Texas, Krewe GAIA (Galveston Art in Action) and the Texas Grassroots Alliance (TGA) are essential to bringing educational programs, community trainings and voter engagement events to the County. Are you involved in grassroots work? Would you like to add your group […]